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110V vs 220V LED Strip

Product brand: MALIO
Product name: led strip light 220v                                                                                         Rated voltage: 110v/220v
Color categories:white/warm white/red/yellow/blue/green/RGB
Electric power: 4.8W/m  14.4W/m
Size: 8 * 14 mm 7 * 11 mm
Product specification: 60bead/m
Product color temperature: 6500-7000k (white) 3000-3500k (warm white)
                                620-630nm (red) 510-515nm (green)
                                460-470nm (blue) 590-595nm (yellow)
Waterproof index: IP68
LED light source: Taiwan chip
Product use: Building, hotel, KTV, pool, garden, logo on the decoration and lighting
Necessary accessories: need to configuration professional power supply and controller
Note: Please put dry place
Descr: led light sources customers request

Product Features:

1, led stripes 5m routine 50 meters or 100 roll, 60 lights per meter, power of 14.4 W/m,light-emitting angle of 120 degrees.
2, the high-voltage led stripes with high quality PCB board as a substrate,can be bent,highly flexible,not recommended in radians below 6cm diameter bending, not half so as not to damage the lamp or a plate fracture.
3, light, thin, with a fixed slot suitable for installation in narrow space or outdoor buildings;
4, each of the three LED along upper tangent arbitrary truncation, no damage to other parts of the existing products, each volume is 50 meters or 100 meters, the needs of any length can be customized.
5, led light strips outdoor can be called led light strips outdoor with low power consumption,generate less heat,no glare impact resistance and other characteristics. 110/220V power supply.
6, Packing: anti-static moisture-proof packaging.
7, Waterproof grade: silicone casing (IP66).

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