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Advertisement Box LED Bar lights

Product Features:

1. Standard length size of advertisement box LED Bar lights is each 0.5m or 1 m. 
2. 0.5m advertisement box LED Bar lightsr can use 5-7pcs to be connected; 3pcs 1m advertisement box LED Bar lights can be connected those are caused by the power supply of advertisement box LED Bar lights.                                   
3. Installation: slot fixed in counter or aquarium. 
4. advertisement box LED Bar lights is small power consumption, resulting in heat,high brightness,impact resistance,high refractive index characteristics.Low voltage DC 12V power supply,safe and reliable. 
5. Viewing angle of 120 degrees.
6. Waterproof Class: Surface injection (IP65), Silicone tube (IP66), Whole silicone injection(IP68).


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