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SMD 3528 120V LED Strip

Product Features:

1, SMD3528 120V LED strip installation is relatively simple, can be directly used to drive high-pressure drive.Can be run in 120V without extra adaptor or power source.14.4 W/m,light-emitting angle of 120 degrees.
2, SMD3528 120V LED strip with high quality PCB board as a substrate,can be bent,highly flexible,not recommended in radians below 6cm diameter bending, not half so as not to damage the lamp or a plate fracture.
3, light, thin, with a fixed slot suitable for installation in narrow space or outdoor buildings;
4, PVC tube provides good waterproof and can be used both indoor & outdoor. SMD3528 120V LED strip Can be max run 100 meter and also be cut or connected in every meter.
5, High efficiency:the PF of SMD3528  120V LED strip is 0.91 the adapers of PF usually is 0.50-0.60.
6, Packing: anti-static moisture-proof packaging.
7. SMD3528  120V LED strip can use dimmable controller to control the brightness of SMD3528 120V LED strip.
8. Waterproof grade: silicone casing (IP66).

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