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Different shape Twinkle Chrimstas Lights

Product Features:

1. Safe and easy to install, water-resistant, can be extended assembly.
2. Known as twinkling christmas lights, long life,low power,can be reused.
3. twinkling christmas lights encompasses outdoor twinkling christmas lights can be used independently  for holiday decoration to be equipped with controller has a different effect, mode can use fixed or  beating, convenient replacement products.
4. Until installation is complete, do not power supply to fit the specified voltage, the tail to install the tail
5. twinkling christmas lights products is a new generation of  the most popular decorative lighting products, twinkling christmas lights with PVC shell protection shell led unbreakable,and beer Note the variety of shapes,meet different requirements,ease of installation, features traditional twinkling christmas lights,once can be connected to a combination of more than 4 sets,light life of 10,000 hours. Choice of different colors,the casing has a unique seismic effects.
6. waterproof, reusable, multi-controller (controller).
7. Length, Specifications, Size, Light bead quantity can be according to customers request custom.


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