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White Neon Lights

Product Features: 

1. White Neon Lights is the more popular a LED breakthrough products, it appears to make up the deficiencies of neon (glass fiber), which completely replaced. 
2. White Neon Lights as a safe, low voltage, low power consumption, because of its light source is LED, voltage can be customed 12/24V/1210/230V. 
3. The brightness of the White neon lights source adopts imported high brightness LED in series, 80 leds per meter or 100 leds. 
4. Longevity and durability, based on LED technology, the new structure, White Neon Lights have a long service life, relative to the glass neon, White Neon Lights used in PVC plastic lamp body in any harsh  
environment, to avoid the glass broken. 
5. It can minimize bending to 8 cm in diameter, and can be in either a shear mouth shear satisfy the customer used in a variety of billboards, text, graphics. 
6. Safety: normal glass neon 15000V high voltage to run properly, while the White Neon Lights minimum voltage need only 12V will be able to normal operation, coupled with its shock, good heat dissipation,the process of using extremely safe. 
7. Easy to install: Malio’s White Neon Lights configure a special slot, only need to install first slot nail, and  then fixed neon can with ordinary wire securely.
8. Waterproof, White skin & white color.

Model Number




Working  Voltage

 Wavelength /CCT


White, Warm White





Warm White:2800-3500K



Installation Guide:






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