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PVC led string lights


Brand: Malio
Product Name: PVC LED light string
Rated voltage: 3/4.5/6/12/24V
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, color
Power Consumption: according to led's quantity & color
PVC Size: 4 * 6mm / 5 * 7mm (diameter * diameter)
Specifications: 3.3cm/5.6cm/10cm/15cm/20cm (led distance from optional)
Unit Length: 1m/2m/5m/10m/50m/100m
LED light source: 0603,0805
Usage: underwater decoration, car beauty, garden decoration
Necessary accessories: power supplies and controllers must be configured Professional
Note: Do not touch the sharp objects
Working temperature: -60 ℃ 55 ℃
Waterproof grade: IP68

Product Features:

1.PVC LED string lights with light-emitting diode chip package imports as the light source;
2.PVC LED light string light angle designed larger half-width angle> 120 degrees, blending evenly, no stain;
3.PVC LED string lights use LED low-voltage power supply, constant current loop circuit design, performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal lifespan> 50,000 hours;
4.PVC LED string of lights color consistency is good, colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc.;
5.PVC LED string lights outdoor quick and easy installation, after double PVC waterproof plastic injection process, waterproof rating of IP68, can be placed in water for a long time;

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