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LED Rainbow Lights Flat Four Wire


Product brand: MALIO
Product name:  led rainbow tube Flat 4-wire   
Rated voltage: 110v / 220v
Working temperature: -20℃ ~40℃
Color categories: white   warm white   red   yellow   blue   green
Electric power: 4.32W/m   5.76W/m   7.2W/m   8.64W/m
Size: 11mm * 22mm
Product specifications: 36bead/m 48bead/m  60bead/m  72bead/m
Product color temperature: 6500-7000k (white) 3000-3500k (warm white)
                                620-630nm (red) 510-515nm (green)
                                460-470nm (blue) 590-595nm (yellow)
Waterproof index: IP68
LED light source: Taiwan chip
Product use: Outdoor landscape, Bridges, rail, road, building, hotel, KTV
Necessary accessories: Need to configuration professional power supply and controller
Note: Please put dry place

Product Features:

1, led rainbow tube Flat 4-wire light bar With low energy consumption, energy-saving: The power consumption is only the ordinary rice Bulb 1/10.
2, led Rainbow flat four-wire light bar Safety: photoelectric conversion rate close to 100%, low heat, no fire hazard.
3, led rainbow tube Flat 4-wire light bar long life under normal operating conditions, the life expectancy of up to 20,000 hours.
Rainbow plasticity, easy to bend can be designed in many different styles, the purpose to achieve a variety of decorative effect, used for outdoor decoration, decorative landscape. Can be said outdoor light bar and decorative landscape light bar, coupled with its shock cooling, the process of using extremely safe.
5, environmental protection: the spectrum no ultraviolet and infrared, no pollution, no radiation.

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