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Biological lighting up as Malio lighting
来源:Malio Lighting Co.  发布日期:2014-04-10  点击数:2796次

Biological lighting is the latest masterpiece of global LED light source technology development at present, has been widely used, elimination of incandescent and energy-saving lamps has become an inevitable trend. At present, the application of LED in agriculture has expanded into plant lighting, lighting, livestock and poultry breeding of edible fungi breeding, pest trapping, microalgae, luring fish and many other fields.

The Malio bio lighting through continuous research and development, develop a red, blue and white LED light source, research on growth performance, the influence of poultry plant, introduced the intelligent biological LED light source system, gradual biological breeding dimmable LED strip, and in the large and medium-sized farm, vegetable planting base is widely used in. At present our company has several well-known domestic large-scale farms signed a one million meters of contract.

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