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LED Strip Lights Focus on Landscape Lighting
来源:Malio Lighting Co.  发布日期:2014-03-03  点击数:2787次
This year, we can clearly perceive to accelerate the pace of development of LED lighting market demand gradually expanded , LED product proportion gradually increased. LED strip lights is a sub-category of a member , though not as bulb light,
as downlights , but it is one of the categories on the terminal market indispensable.
With sales of LED strip lights a steady increase in the terminal market , but competition is more intense, how to choose the agency brand has become a problem Dealers important consideration .
Engineering at the wholesale level
It is understood that the main product although not many dealers LED strip lights in the store , but basically as long as is done in the shop will have LED strip lights, there are a few stores are mainly LED strip lights , can account for the total
product 60% .
Now the scope of application of light with a wide , easy to install and use , whether it is soft wire board (FPC) or rigid strip (PCB) sales are good, the terminal market has shown a rising trend in overall sales .
As people improve the quality of life for aesthetic also have different definitions. colorful LED strip lights in the landscape lighting has become mainstream products, by designers and consumers, increasingly wide range of applications .
According to dealer sources, buy LED strip lights people in general there are two types , one is doing outdoor landscape lighting , and the other is a private buy to do interior decoration . Interior includes two types, namely home decoration and
commercial lighting. Commercial lighting is mainly used in various shopping malls inside the jewelry counter, cosmetic counters , home decoration mainly used at furnitures, walls, and even on the stairs .
Interior LED strip lights a relatively small amount , but would not choose those colors too bright lights, will generally choose the color of some relatively simple point . The most typical is for dark trough , instead of T4 and T5.
Generally outdoor landscape lighting LED strip lights used in more than, for example, neon works , outdoor floor, body , bridge outline , EL lighting , street courtyards . Many times also in place to relax, to beautify the environment , create
atmosphere and so on.
As the lights are mainly used for outdoor landscape works, so the main walk engineering and wholesale channels. Mostly through the engineering procurement , or purchased through design institutes, decoration company.
LED strip lights with a wide range of applications , but the amount is not great, so unlike common bulb , ceiling , so many lighting stores for retail inventory is not much, if dealers are experiencing a large order again transfer goods from
" Tying " is also one of the ways LED strip lights sold in selecting contractors when other fixtures may need part of the LED strip lights , so the dealer will prepare some of the other lamps with LED strip lights sold together .
LED strip lights with overall sales rising use of space means that it is constantly expanding. The new round of " price surges " pushed the strip LED lights with businesses choosing crossroads. According to the needs of consumers to choose
LED lights with the brand is a wise move.
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