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Focus on the new BMW 5 series Li to upgrade the LED lighting vehicle "blue ocean" development
来源:Malio Lighting Co.  发布日期:2014-01-15  点击数:2873次

As the new BMW 5 series of Li, the new BMW 5 series Li models by the broad masses of fans chase

after hold in both hands, BMW this new models to upgrade its features more perfect.

Movement is elegant BMW 5-series sedan, the most outstanding characteristics. Long hood, long

wheelbase, short front and rear suspension and backward of the passenger compartment of a

treasure matt some body proportion. New BMW 5 series Li will improve again the classical aesthetic

design, the vehicle front, BMW double kidney intake grille frame place additional contour lines and

redesigned lower inlet into one Step emphasizes the movement of the vehicle style appearance, side

turn indicators have been integrated into the outside rearview mirror. At the same time, the new BMW 5

series Li equipped with a new design of tail lights, and USES the extremely thin and compelling article

LED strip lights. These lights and the additional creases on the guide plate are enhanced after the

visual width and impact for this model.

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