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How to choose LED strip color, Malio lighting provide guidance & suggestions to help you choose preferred LED strip color!

Answer: the color of led smd strip is mainly decided by individual decoration style and tone. For normal home decoration, we recommend warm white, which is between yellow and white light, comfortable and has appropriate brightness and warm decoration effect. Decoration by white LED is neat and refreshing, has good uniformity of color and light, and is appropriate for simple decoration style. Although yellow LED is warm, its luminous efficiency is not high and it’s relatively dim, so the light color is depressing. We recommend multi-bead for this type. Blue light could be set at the bar counter, which feels dreamy and refreshing. It could also exhibit a noble and magnificent home decoration style after overall decoration of the room. Red and green strip lights need certain background and normally we don’t recommend them. Color light shall be controlled and used to decorate audiovisual studio. (figure is the real application)

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