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What is LED strip lights? How many types are there?

Answer: LED strip light is LED assembled and banded FPC (flexible printed circuit) or PCB, and is named by its strip-like shape (Following Figure). It gradually stands out prominently in various decoration industries since it has long lifespan (normally 80,000-100,000h), and is green and environmental protective. Normally it includes flexible LED strip and rigid LED strip, as well as the old LED type connected by wire rod, such as rainbow tube (including round 2-line, flat 3-line, flat 4-line and flat 5-line , etc.), various flexible neon lamp and Christmas light strings (as shown in figure). Products are widely applied in brightening of architecture and landscape, bridge, road, garden, courtyard, home furnishing, covered channel, vehicle, pool, building profile, guardrail, hotel, KTV, advertisement, signboard, decorations and lightings on logos.

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