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Malio lighting gives a accure answer for how to install LED strip

Answer: normal LED strip lights include low-voltage strip light, high-voltage strip light and traditional LED rainbow tube. The following is detailed installation process:
1. Installation of low-voltage LED strip: Choose pstripr switch power supply to install low-voltage LED strip light (mainly the power shall be pstripr). For example, in order to install 5m 5050 strip light of 12V and 60 lamp beads each meter, a switch power supply of 5*14.4=72W shall be prepared. Refer to figure 10 for detailed installation:

2. Installation of low-voltage LED strip: Prepare rectified battery socket, contact pin, tail plug and cable clamp to install high-voltage LED strip light (refer to figure for installation procedure), and power on 220V by directly inserting it after installation.

3. For installation of LED rainbow tube, take the flat 5-line rainbow tube as example. Let’s look at the internal circuit of flat 5-line in figure:

There're 5 lines inside the strip light (only four rows of light because one lien is used for conducting as anode). Ensure good contact between contact pin and wire upon installation. Loose contact at any wire in the cathode would disable the single row, while loose contact in the anode would disable the whole strip light. Refer to figure 13 for detailed installation procedure:


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