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What are the notices when installing LED strip?

Answer: supply voltage shall be the same with the marked voltage of led strips lighting and equipped with proper safety device. Do not wrap it by any material or cover the led strip lamp when using it. The interface shall be firm without any potential danger for short circuit. For outdoor installation, seal all interfaces by glue so as to make them waterproof. When installing LED strip light in cold weather, power on for several minutes to soften the light, and then power off to install it. Please note that SMD strip could not be pressed; do not damage the connecting line on the circuit board upon assembling; avoid dragging the led strip headlights on the ground, so as to prevent scratch or damage of the protective layer; do not power on when installing or assembling LED strip light, and always power on after connection, installation and under correction conditions. In order to ensure its lifespan, it’s suggested not to drag the power line very hard when using it; to ensure its reliability, it’s suggested not to bend it under a radian of less than 60mm in diameter, or fold it, so as to prevent damaging the lamp bead or breaking up the board.
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